Thursday, 17 May 2012

DIY Self-Made Affordable Hampers

Have you ever faced with problems where you are not able to find the hampers with the types of items that you would like to have in the basket, or if there is, the price is usually more expensive?

Why not learn to make one on your own!  We can take advantage of some promotional items in supermarkets, choose to put in only those items that you would like to give to your recipient.  Other than showing off your talent to your recipient, you can have the creativity of decorating it just the way you like, cost-effectively.  And it is definitely more sincere, if you made and deliver the hamper all the way.  Great for showing appreciation and house-warming.

Things you need:
Shredded paper/newspaper
Ribbon Bow
Clear Cellophane Wrapper
Clear Adhesive Tape
Items to be arrange into the basket
Greeting card/Gift card

Do some research on a few hampers that you like on the internet, take note of the arrangements of the items, size of the basket and the number the items that you can put it in nicely.  Select the items wisely, giving more variety of the items.  I love to use food items, as it is the most practical, avoid perishable food since you need to prepare in advance and plan a day to deliver.

Arranging of the items:

If the basket is deep, you will need boxes and a lot of shredded paper to lift up the base, so that your items can be seen nicely and look abundance.

Place your items in a spread-out ways, so that it will look “overflowing” with items.  Always make sure the items are not hidden behind one another.

Use plenty of adhesive tapes to secure the items in place.  It will be better to use normal adhesive tapes rather than double-sided tapes, in case you decided to change the positions of the items, tearing them off might damage the item boxes/labels.  Ensure that unsightly taping cannot be seen from the front view of the hamper.

Cover all the gaps in between the bigger items, using smaller items, so that the shredded paper or the base cannot be seen.

When you are satisfied and find that it looks professional enough to be presented, you may wrap it  up with Clear Cellophane Wrapper.  Try not to use Cellophane Wrapper with prints as those small prints will make the hamper looks messy, unable to see the items clearly.  TIP: It will be a good idea to take a picture of your hamper and look at them a few times to see if you can spot “problems” before you wrap it up.

For basket with handle, wrap basket from the top, without covering the handle, tuck the remaining wrappers under the rim of the basket.

For basket without handle, wrap basket from the base of the basket, it will be prettier to make a big fan shape or some neat fanciful patterns, rather than just leave it messy, on top of the basket and tie the opening with a ribbon bow.


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