Monday, 28 November 2011

Bosses and Manager's Office Chairs in demand

 Overview for Vegas + Bacon Series
This chair is not made by geniuses. It is made from a basic detailed understanding about how the body works. The Vegas provides even weight distribution and full body support with a voguish design for a trend-setting look. Futuristic, sophisticated and in equal measure charming.

Height adjustable backrest

Extended back support for enhanced posture and perfect angle. The height adjustable function allows the user superior comfort to minimise fatigue experienced from poor posture and prolonged sitting.

Adjustable headrest

Designed for added comfort to fit individual contours of neck and head of user with easy settings to encourage user to adapt to the most comfortable setting. Superior support favours task-oriented user to prevent unwanted tiredness.

Adjustable armrest

Designed to provide superior comfort to fit individual arm length and height. Positions arms and shoulders at comfortable and relaxed angle to prevent unwanted tiredness and unnatural postures. Helps develop better seating posture.

Sliding seat pan

Designed to provide better depth for legs and support for user when seated. Aligns knees and thighs so that they can be parallel to the floor and emphasises better support and posture of hips and lower back.




Aluminium die-cast polished arm rest and backrest support frame

Sleek frame contrasted with black seats for contemporary urban design. Contrasting tones to complement a sophisticated urban office décor. Reflective support frame is designed for providing structure and stability.

Aluminium die-cast polished base on castor

Sleek reflective base is designed for providing structure and stability. Movable base helps to absorb shocks and weight shifts making it suitable for persistent office use. Highly manoeuvrable, it is easy to move around and improves mobility of user.



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