Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Fusion Studio (Web Design Studio) - Refreshing New Interface!

Fusion Studio, a long-standing Online Web Design Company has updated our Interface and information.  Formerly hosted under, migrated to Our dedicated Customer Service and Passion towards Web design continue to serve many more clients, pre and post-sales service were never compromised.  Please visit our website by clicking at the screenshot below and contact our friendly and committed web developers for a non-obligated inquiry.

Monday, 28 November 2011

L.D. Waxson Warehouse Sale 2011! 29 Defu Lane 9. 2 – 4 Dec 2011

Pamper yourselves with your favourite skincare brands at a cheaper price! L.D. Waxson is having warehouse sales up to 90% off! They serve as an ideal Xmas gifts too! Promotion valid from 2nd – 4th Dec 2011 only!

50 cents Burger King Waffle Cone Ice Cream! 29 Nov - 5 Dec 2011

Sweeten your day with 50 cents Burger King Waffle Cone Ice Cream! Promotion is valid from 29 Nov to 5 Dec 2011 only, Hurry!!

Bosses and Manager's Office Chairs in demand

 Overview for Vegas + Bacon Series
This chair is not made by geniuses. It is made from a basic detailed understanding about how the body works. The Vegas provides even weight distribution and full body support with a voguish design for a trend-setting look. Futuristic, sophisticated and in equal measure charming.

Height adjustable backrest

Extended back support for enhanced posture and perfect angle. The height adjustable function allows the user superior comfort to minimise fatigue experienced from poor posture and prolonged sitting.

Adjustable headrest

Designed for added comfort to fit individual contours of neck and head of user with easy settings to encourage user to adapt to the most comfortable setting. Superior support favours task-oriented user to prevent unwanted tiredness.

Adjustable armrest

Designed to provide superior comfort to fit individual arm length and height. Positions arms and shoulders at comfortable and relaxed angle to prevent unwanted tiredness and unnatural postures. Helps develop better seating posture.

Sliding seat pan

Designed to provide better depth for legs and support for user when seated. Aligns knees and thighs so that they can be parallel to the floor and emphasises better support and posture of hips and lower back.




Aluminium die-cast polished arm rest and backrest support frame

Sleek frame contrasted with black seats for contemporary urban design. Contrasting tones to complement a sophisticated urban office décor. Reflective support frame is designed for providing structure and stability.

Aluminium die-cast polished base on castor

Sleek reflective base is designed for providing structure and stability. Movable base helps to absorb shocks and weight shifts making it suitable for persistent office use. Highly manoeuvrable, it is easy to move around and improves mobility of user.


Sunday, 27 November 2011

Get your FREE Flosss Bun & $8 Voucher at Breadtalk! 23 - 30 Nov 2011

Great News to Breadtalk Flosss Bun lovers! Breadtalk is giving away FREE Flosss Bun for making them a winner! Submit your survey online and Get your FREE Flosss Bun at Breadtalk!  Hurry!

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Gucci, Coach & Kate Spade Pre-Christmas Sale - only on 26 Nov 2011

Dear Ladies, I chanced upon this Branded Bag sales and thought you might be keen too.

Date : This Sat, 26 Nov 2011 (11am to 4pm)
Place : Bedok Community Centre - level 2 (Near Bedok MRT & Opp Bedok Point)

For more details, do click at the following link:

Epson Printers Promotions at Sitex, 24-27 Nov 2011

Visit Epson Booth 5D41 / 6B30 at Sitex 2011
Singapore Expo Hall 5/6
24th - 27th November 2011

Kinohimitsu Collagen Drink Promotion - NOW till 31 Dec 2011!

Kinohimitsu Japan Beauty Collagen Drink Promotion! Valid from NOW till 31 Dec 2011!

Good News Ladies, get prettier this season with Kinohimitsu Collagen Drink Promotion.

With every 6's pack purchased, you will receive $10 off!  This promotion excludes Kinohimitsu products in promotion pack or with existing special promotion prices.

Available at major pharmacies and participating retail outlets.

For more information, do check out Confirm Trading at their facebook page

Or their Official Webpage at

McDonald's McNuggets, Buy 1 get 1 Free - from 25-29 Nov 2011

McDonald's 6-pieces Chicken McNuggets Buy 1 get 1 Free! Valid from 25-29 Nov 2011

Good News to Fans of McDonald, including myself.  From today to 29 Nov 2011, you can enjoy more of your favourite Chicken McNuggets with your friends for just 1 price! Act fast to this Yummy Deal!

Arena Swimwear Warehouse Sale 23 - 27 Nov 2011

Arena Swimwear Warehouse Sale

Dear friends, the long-awaited for Arena Swimwear Warehouse Sale is here!  Grab your swimming essentials fast before the end of the Sales!

Date: 23 - 27 Nov 2011
Time: 10am - 7pm
Address: 217, #01-01 Henderson Road, Henderson Industrial Park, Singapore 159555

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Fusion Studio

1. About Us:-

1.1 Company Profile---

Fusion Studio Pte Ltd was established in the year 2007. It started with a passion in design. The artwork was posted first in a blog; due to popular demand. It began to grow into a business. In mar 2007, 3 people with the same dream, passion and vision to operate a design studio film that specializes in web design; software developments; graphics design or interactive media design came together and setup fusion studio.

Since our inception in 2007, Fusion Studio has substantially evolved from its humble beginnings as one’s designer personal port folio presentation to a private limited company today. We are now an IT and Design film that specializes in interactive media design as well as software development. We aim to own a design studio in the city area. We are aiming towards to be a world renowned and award winning media agency. At Fusion Studio, we are committed to deliver professional and quality work on scheduled time.

Business Core Value: Integrity; Teamwork;

Passion --

Glenn Lim
Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer

Glenn Lim has nearly 5 years of technical, programming, marketing, business and general legal experience. Leveraging his experience in the disciplines of application software development, networking technology and information services management. Glenn Lim is responsible for all aspects of Business Development, Technology and Operating Infrastructure at Fusion Studio. Glenn is an accomplished developer, graduated with a diploma in Information Technology from Nanyang Polytechnic and holds well over different technical accreditations such as CCNA, MCSE, A+ Comptia, C|EH and various Awards like the imagine cup championship 2004. He is now pursing a double major degree in cyber forensic and business info system at Perth Murdoch University

1.5 Vision and mission statement

Our mission & vision statement:

As the internet age is blooming and rich media landscape is forever emerging, the demand for dynamic and rich interactive media experiences rises to its new level. We constantly strive to achieve lasting impressions for our clients. At fusion studio, we harness our insights, dedication and expertise to challenge the boundaries of creativity and deliver our work on time. Ultimately we want to strategically evolve as the leading web solutions provider in Singapore as well as on the regional and international platform.

Our Strategy and Approach

In conjunctions with the news media in Singapore about the iN2015; our team had seriously gave a thought about the theme” what is life like in Singapore in the year AD2015”? What kind of technology and lifestyle will we be having? During the speech rally on 2006, our Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong mentioned the era on the uprising trend of internet marketing and e-business as well as mobile commerce. We will like to work with IDA to turn Singapore into a fun, dynamic and global nation.

 2. Port Folio:-

2.1 Web design ---

At Fusion Studio Pte Ltd, we have assembled an unparalleled team of the finest visual artists and motion graphics designers to deliver groundbreaking, award-winning solutions for our clients. Our proven methodologies, relentless motivation to excel, and highly talented team come together to create revolutionary concepts that effectively raise the bar for design standards.

The Fusion Studio Design Team boast an extensive background in languages and technologies such as HTML, CSS, XHTML, and DHTML in order to provide an array of services that meet the most demanding of projects. Our goal is to push the boundaries of design and technology to create innovative solutions that set our clients apart from their competition.

After all, design is our passion, our expression, and our means to communicate your vision.

2.2 Web development ---

A quality design aesthetic is virtually useless without well-executed backend architecture to support it. At Fusion Studio, our seasoned team of developers routinely builds and deploys superior cutting-edge server-side solutions drawing from our exhaustive arsenal of time tested "Best of Breed" methodologies.

Our Development Team utilize a wide range of current technologies available, including PHP, ASP, Java, ColdFusion, MS-SQL, MySQL, and XML, to develop powerful and efficient applications. The Fusion Studio Development Team also boasts several proven successes in the ecommerce arena, having developing seamless online shopping experiences and CRM applications for our clients' customers. Moreover, our vast expertise in localization projects continues to grow as we are frequently challenged to deliver scalable multi-lingual solutions.

Only a veteran team of experienced developers can confidently bring complex projects through to completion - Fusion Studio is that team. Our robust backend architectures have garnered multiple industry awards and recognition for their cutting-edge use of technology and quality of execution.

2.3 Rich Media ---

Advances in browser technology, broadband connections, and software capabilities have resulted in the recent explosion of rich media across the internet. Users are increasingly gravitating towards richer, more satisfying interactive experiences incorporating enhanced sensory features, such as motion graphics.
Our veteran team possesses the experience and expertise to create effective rich media solutions which take projects above and beyond traditional online experiences. By harnessing the powers of technologies such as Flash and AJAX, the Fusion Studio team produces inventive, engaging rich internet applications and interactive product demonstrations which provide all-encompassing user experiences loaded with features and capabilities.

With an impeccable, long-standing reputation in Adobe Flash design, Fusion Studio is a proven visionary in the development of rich media solutions. Through our integration of cutting-edge technologies and our flawless execution, the Fusion Studio team is the team to deliver your goals beyond expectations.

2.4 Industrial /Product Design ---

Recent technological advances and the proliferation of broadband demand have fueled the demand for 3D computer generated graphics. Supported by these cutting-edge technologies, the Fusion Studio Design Team creates stunning 3D designs and environments that bring our clients' projects to life.

At Fusion Studio, we possess a team of skilled artists capable of rendering models with precision and finesse. Our state-of-the-art "Render Farm" technology enables them to deliver mind-blowing results in a fraction of the time previously required.

Utilizing advanced software applications such as 3D Studio Max, Cinema 4D, and Maya, our 3D artists are prepared to apply their skills in modeling, animation, and texturing to whatever our clients bring us. With 2Advanced, our clients receive innovative solutions with high-impact results.

2.5 Photography ---

Advances in digital photography have made photos an essential aspect of graphic design. Images can tell a story, invoke emotion, and communicate in ways computer generated graphics often cannot. At fusion studio, our designers fully understand the value of effective photography.

Our versatile Design Team spends much of their free time away from their computers exploring the world on photographic outings; constantly in search of creative inspiration. Whether conducting a studio photo shoot or scouting outdoor panoramas, our team knows how, when and where to create the perfect shot. Beyond acquisition of photos, our team is experts in a wide range of techniques including the advanced processing of Camera RAW images using a variety of application editing solutions such as Adobe's Photoshop. With the aid of our highly developed professional photographic capabilities, 2Advanced is uniquely capable of successfully communicating our client's message through imagery.

2.6 Video Cinematic Trailers ---

Well beyond the Internet, the Fusion Studio Design Team is regularly tasked to perform their art in other forms of media. Drawing from our long history of motion graphics experience, our designers have highly developed their expertise in the creation of video based solutions; ranging from the initial acquisition of video footage on through final editing and encoding. Today, we offer our clients a full range of output options, including the delivery of broadcast quality solutions.

The Fusion Studio Team excels in several areas of the video production process, including post production and compositing, as we focus to create immersive, cutting-edge broadcast media experiences for purposes such as DVDs and commercials. Utilizing the latest in production facilities, software, and video editing equipment, our talented team has the means and capabilities to meet any video challenge.

2.7 GFX design ---

At Fusion Studio, we understand the importance of conveying a powerful, memorable offline brand identity. Graphics design plays an important role in the corporate world to convey messages. Truly a picture speaks more than a thousand words.
The fusion design team's capabilities reaches beyond the digital realm to produce innovative professional solutions for our clients' needs. From high-impact business cards to impressive sales brochures, our talented team brings our creative edge and innovative approach to graphics design.

3. Products and services

Graphics design

Web design and site maintenance

Internet portals / web development

Rich media

Product design / Industrial Design

Professional imaging

Pc networking and maintenance (fusion technology)

5. Our clients

Client List

Health, Beauty & Fitness Beauty Express International Pte Ltd
BodyNav Institute
Citispa Pte Ltd
Makeup Store
Stage Cosmetics

Advertising. Exhibition and Design
Adcom (S) Pte Ltd
Aegis Media
The Flying Dutchman Pte Ltd
Images In Motion Pte Ltd
iHub Media Pte Ltd
Kozine Magazine
Lawton & Yeo Design Associates Pte Ltd
Conference & Exhibition Management Services Pte Ltd
Career 2009 & Education 2009

Food & Beverage
Meidi-ya Supermarket
Atfresh Pte Ltd
Pastamatrix International Pte Ltd
Subway Singapore
Subway China
Foodtalks Caterer & Manufacturer
Seyu Catering & Food Delights
Jalapeno's Pepper Steak & Seafood Cafe
Saveurs de France


Akroo Pte Ltd
Mobile One Ltd
Zingmobile Group Ltd

Interior Design & FurnishingL-Rui Design Pte Ltd
Substance Interior Design
Kino Office & Furniture Pte Ltd
Gillit Pte Ltd
Gene Office System
Sinbor Enterprise

Globamatrix Holdings Pte Ltd
Chippel Holdings
Franklin Offshore Group
Natsteel Ltd 

Industrial / Engineering Advanced Materials Technologies
Avid (SE) Pte Ltd
V-Kool International Pte Ltd
Huper Optik International
Avi-Tech Electronics Limited
Mtm Shipping Management Pte Ltd
Singapore Refinery Corporation
PSC Freyssinet Singapore
Neptune Marine Oil & Gas Limited

Real Estate 
Knight Frank Pte Ltd
Millenia Walk
Pontiac Land Group
Fine Homes and Estates Group
Qingjian Real Estates Pte Ltd 

Retail & Service
Spectacle Hut
Blue Eyes USA Pte Ltd
Sistic Pte Ltd
Bang & Olufsen 
EtonHouse International Education Group
Morris Allen Study Center
Ngee Ann Polytechnic
Nanyang Polytechnic
Singapore Polytechnic
Republic Polytechnic
Temasek Polytechnic
PCF Toa Payoh Central
Hougang Secondary School
Josiah Montessoria
Kranji Secondary School

Shipping & LogisticsBadger Logistics (S) Pte Ltd
Chua Yong Chai International Pte Ltd
CYC Movers

Anglo-French Travel Pte Ltd
Avis Singapore Pte Ltd
Budget Getaway Travel 
Corporate Travel Services Pte Ltd
Country Holidays Pte Ltd
East Asia Travel Pte Ltd
Raffles Marina
South Australia Tourism Commission
Singxpress Travel Pte Ltd
Travel Golf Pte Ltd
The Tanglin Club

Government Bodies
Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR)
PAP Toa Payoh Central
Council For The Third Age
Housing Development Board
National Youth Council

Finance / Legal / Human ResourceNexus Risk Management
T3bsystem LLP
Darshan & Teo LLP
Reputation Management & Associates

Non Profit Organisation
Viva Foundation for Children with Cancer
SymAsia Foundation Limited
Joo Chiat CSC
Central Park Football Club
St Margaret Ex-Students Association
Singapore Infocomm & Technology Federation
Association of Dating Agencies and Matchmakers (Singapore)

Jay Chou Singapore & Malaysia Fan Site
Asia Golf Course Owners Association
Emigration Center Pte Ltd
Fun Factory Games
Grandma Mary Rocks!
Hotstuff Magazine
Interconex Management Pte Ltd
Scott Woodward Photography
Who Works Around You Pte Ltd

Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore
Amber Band (Local)
Biz Branding
Creaion Crea8ion
DNM (Design and Marketing Pte Ltd)
Defar Singapore Private Limited
Discreet (Singapore)
Dv9 International
Fluxus Interior Design
FreshIdeasOnly Studio
Golden Gate University Alumni of Singapore
Hewlett Packard
My Foot
NICC (National Infocomm Competency Centre)
Nanyang Polytechnic
Next Frontier Engineering
Novena Square
Orange Gum Singapore
Pacific Internet (Singapore)
Parents Advisory Group for the Internet (PAGi)
Philips (Singapore)
Rhodia International
Seamart International Singapore
Singapore Jian Chuan Tai Chi Chuan Physical Culture
Singatac Engineering
Tee International
Ubest Engineering
United Square

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