Monday, 13 February 2012

A trip to Reflections at Bukit Chandu

I have always been curious and wanting to visit “Reflections at Bukit Chandu”, the museum that commemorate our 1400 brave and unyielding Singapore’s Malay Regiment Soldiers, who fought and died in the battle against Japanese invasion during World War II.  It is situated in a detached house at the top of Pepys Hill along Pasir Panjang.  I finally got a chance to visit when my dad also got interested when it was featured in the Chinese Newspapers联合早报. 

To allow readers to fully feel our walking journey up Bukit Chandu, I have taken pictures along the way.

Here is the start of the route.  It is not exactly very far, but it is neither a short distance.  Probably takes a 25-minutes of walking distance.  Old signage spotted at the entrance of Pepys Road.

A long way in…

A viewing tower – there are 2 of them in the vicinity, this is the shorter one.

Finally, we reached the gate of museum, a few more steps to go…

Reached!  This is the sculpture of our heroes – Malay Regiment Soldiers.

Museum – Reflections at Bukit Chandu

Artifacts – Bomb Siren

Artifacts – Bomb Compass

Artifacts – Lamp

Artifacts – Ammunition Box

Artifacts – Binoculars

Artifacts – Microphone and Head Set

Artifacts – Japanese Bayonet (this weapon gave me the goosebumps thinking about how many lives it took back then)
Japanese Troops invading Singapore on Bicycles.

Hero – Lieutenant Adnan who defended and died at a young age of 27

A Prisoner of War
I noticed this cute retro fan, I don’t think it is an artifact, there are 2 of them on the 2nd floor and they looks quite new.
More artifacts on the 2nd floor…

There are a few machine guns of different models on display, shall leave something for you guys to explore if you are keen to find out...

There is a short movie clip on the fight of Lieutenant Adnan and his fellow soldiers.  During the movie, there are many moments where there is complete darkness as well as moments of flashing red light with nothing shown on the screen, these effects made my mum felt rather uncomfortable.  While I feel that the movie served as a great reminder of the history of Singapore and teaching us that we should always be vigilant against attacks and terrorism, the producer of the movie can probably re-look on this aspect, especially when elder viewers who could not fully understand the movie in English will be in a state of confusion and lose interest when there are no images on the screen for some time.

While I won’t say that there are a lot of artifacts on display, this, however, is a nice experience which I feel that every Singapore should at least visit once, to remember how Singapore has come this far.


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